Friday, December 10, 2010

Experiences of Home Educating

"For some time now Anna has had a persistent idea, coming and going, of wanting to go to the woods to find an elephant.

She expressed it to her dad one day...

He explained many things to her calmly, apparently having in mind to "make the child understand" we cannot go and find an elephant...that it is not possible

Anna was listening in attention to her father's description...He said how elephants are in a land far away from here...."yes", Anna said....and that only by plane we could get there...."yes, i see", Anna said....and how the plane tickets are very expensive....."aha, yes", said Anna....and when dad's description of the obstales and difficulties was over, Anna said: "ok, let's go to the elephants then."
"I cant help but notice how naturally learning happens just being around me in the kitchen (measuring, pouring without spilling into big to small container, hand dextirity, handling cooker ..the works! and we have rhymes such as A for amma making M for mum-mum in C for cooker), which he finds very fun rather than 'A' for alligator (which he has never seen)...hopefully this kind of learning and teaching will grow on me in time."

"I am new to homeschooling as in I am a beginner just like my soon to be 6 yr old daughter is.It has been 4 months now.

Initially i left it to my daughter.I left it to her so that i could have some idea of what she wanted to do/what she would like to know about/read about. I decided to follow her cue and took it from there.
I chose a topic say on Fruits and would take out a book on it and show her pictures of different fruits and types. She would draw/color a picture perhaps or we would sing a song. There were days when i would do nothing-( i know that if i am not tuned in or in sync/anandita would not be tuned in either) we would spend time then eating the fruits after cutting them/peeling them/deseeding them.
I do plan the day or the morning with her and what we intend to do..and combine freeplay (puzzles/painting/waterplay/helping me at
home with chores)with teaching her through songs/books and pictures cards.

I havent thought of the future but i have decided to give this my energy for now and do it by letting go of whatevr conditioning i have grown up with.

So much depends on ones attitude. For all of us school is normal - the "accepted" thing. I also wonder what i really did learn at school that i havent learnt in my outside world. I dont remember the maths theorems or the chemistry equations or the dates in History. What did it really teach me?

But there are those times when i suddenly feel-what am i doing with her? Am i doing the right thing? For the answers to this i look towards anandita. When i see her happy and smiling, looking forward to her day,curious with questions i know that i am headed the right way.
Well,even if she doesnt smile and ask questions i still know i am headed the right way--it works both ways :)"

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