Thursday, April 7, 2011


Fulfilling Results
When my husband Phil first mentioned the idea of homeschooling our three children, I tried to pretend I hadn't heard him. Even though I was an experienced classroom teacher, I had seen a number of successful homeschool moms and had thought, "But I don't have their placid temperament or their particular strengths." What I soon learned was that God uses each parent's strengths to provide a unique environment for the family, and they are led into many new and broadening experiences.
Now that our three children are all adults in their 20s, Phil and I have the incomparable joy of seeing them happy and fulfilled in the area of life and service to which God has called them at this time. Much to our delight, our two sons have married and both are committed to teaching their own children at home.
—Beverly Jones

Confidence for the Future
I remember when we started homeschooling in 1985. I wondered if I could keep homeschooling once we reached high school. I wanted my children to be in a healthy atmosphere, spiritually and emotionally, but could I really prepare them for college and a future career?
Benjamin, the oldest of our four children, attended the College of William and Mary on a full-tuition academic scholarship. He is now the speech writer for senator John Gornyn (TX). Emily, our second-born, is a junior at the University of Virginia. Following in their footsteps, Ellis, our second son, is using the University of Nebraska's Independent High School program, and 8-year-old Florence is enjoying her 4th grade Calvert School lessons. I am so grateful for the daily time I get to spend with each of them, especially now that the older ones are leaving the nest.
If you feel God is calling you to continue homeschooling during the high school years, let me encourage you—you can do it, with his help. Though we've had the typical ups and downs of homeschooling life, I can now look back on the results of my daily efforts, and have confidence that he's prepared them for whatever the future holds.
—Jeanne Domenech

Definitely Prepared
My parents decided to homeschool me because I had speech problems, and they didn't want to expose me to the teasing of school children. They taught me from kindergarten through 12th grade. I loved my "school" experience, and I don't believe I ever wanted to attend a traditional school, public or private. It gave me the unique opportunity to truly grow up with my three siblings. And I was involved in many activities, including 4-H, AWANA Bible club, and volunteering at a local hospital. Today, as a 2002 graduate of Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia, having earned a business administration degree with concentrations in accounting and information systems, I already have a job as a full-time accountant. Looking back on my schooling experience, I was definitely prepared for college—emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.
—Carrie Ireland

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