Thursday, September 29, 2011

10 Ways to Reuse Blank CD Holders

Ways to Reuse the Clear Lid:
The clear, bowl-like lid can be used in the following ways, depending on its size.
1. A Vase: If the CD holder is large (50 CDs), then the top can be reused as a vase for a large flower arrangement. Just turn it over, fill it with water, and arranges flowers for a beautiful, stylish centerpiece.
2. A Desk Jar: Similarly to the vase, a large lid can be reused to organize items on a desk including pens, pencils, scissors, and miscellaneous small items such as paper clips, binder clips, and staples. A ribbon or even stickers added to the outside add a decorative touch.
3. A Small Terrarium: The top can also be reused as a small greenhouse. Seeds planted in small pots or even in the top off of another case can then be covered with the clear plastic lid. When placed in a sunny window, the lid will act as a small greenhouse, heating the plants and intensifying the sunlight, increasing the potential for growth.
4. A Potpourri Holder: A small or large lid can be reused to hold potpourri in out -of -the-way places. Turn the lid over, place potpourri in the bowl, and enjoy! A ribbon or stickers can be added for decoration.
Ways to Reuse the Bottom (including the center pole):
5. A Ring Holder: The center pole acts as a great way to keep rings organized and out of the way. Rings can be placed around the pole, and the container set on a dresser. A ribbon glued and tied around the bottom adds a decorative touch.
6. A Paper Towel Holder: Don't want to pay for an expensive paper towel holder? The bottom of a large case (50 CDs or more) can be reused to hold that paper towel. To use, take the lid off, place on counter, and insert the paper towel roll over the center pole. Voila! It might be helpful to put a piece of two-sided tape or poster strip between the counter and the bottom of the base to hold it in place.
7. Ribbon Storage: The center pole makes an ideal place to keep ribbons. Just insert the spools over the center pole-and as an added bonus, pulling ribbon off is easier, as the pole will hold it in place while you spin off just what you need! The bottom and top together could also be used to store small craft objects like buttons, beads, or stickers. Be sure to use the base as a lid, though, rather than the clear plastic lid (turn it over!).
Ways to Reuse the Lid and Bottom Together:
8. A Condiment Holder: Tired of condiment packages from fast food places taking over your fridge? The whole case can be used to store those tiny packages. Since it's clear, it's easy to see what's inside. As an added bonus, when the family sits down to dinner, by grabbing the one case, all the condiments needed at the table are gathered at once!
9. A Cord Organizer: The center pole makes it simple to organize cords. Wrap the cords around the center pole, and place lid on top for easy storage. This trick can even be used to organize cords currently in use. Simply cut a whole in one side of the lid (carefully!), and wrap the cords around the center pole. Then, connect the lid and base, and use the hole in the lid as an entrance/exit for the cords.
10. A Bathroom Organizer: Clips and hair-ties can create quite a mess. Try using the center pole of the base as a place to loop hair-ties and clips, then use the lid (separately) to organize other potential problem areas like brushes, combs, and beauty products. Don't forget to add a ribbon or stickers for decoration!
These ideas are just a few ways old CD holders can be used. Get creative, and find a use for something that otherwise would be thrown away. The environment will thank you.

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