Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dear Homeschoolers,
Did a class on recycling last week. The students taught me something new! I was listing the 3'R's- reduce, re-use, recycle when Aaron said, "Refuse" and for a moment I got ready to negate that when I realized that he was right! The first R should be refuse in order to reduce. If one cant reduce then re-use repeatedly until its fit for the recycling bin. So now we keep repeating this mantra daily and the kids keep finding new ways to use all that would have gone into the dustbin. Diapers still go though and I feel very guilty indeed! Any ideas how to use them?:(
This week we are deep Down Under doing the germination experiment. See pics alongside. Nathan has now gone and sown potato 'eyes' in one of the pots!
Will take them to the ZOA farm to see the compost pit and maybe the one at the yard down in the market.
Its a fun time at Goa Can Homeschool as usual!

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