Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hi homeschoolers,
Glad to announce that we have a new homeschooler who has become a child of God. John Paul Sequeira Vaz, son of Lewis and Zenita and their 5th child, received baptism today. We had a beautiful celebration at Nuvem, with most of the prolife and homeschool crowd present. Nadisha, our seniormost homeschooler, kept everyone entertained with her innovative games and spot prizes while Milagres and team kept the music flowing like wine accompanied by Anna with memorable songs of Marie Bellet. There is a picture of Little John PAul Sequeira Vaz on top and of the cake n centrepiece below and to the left.
May wee John Paul be a proud successor of his namesake, taking the prolife ministry to new heights.
From the heart,

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