Monday, October 31, 2011


Hi Homeschoolers,
On 29 Oct, we attended the book reading of Katie Bagli's " Birds of Different Feathers" at the Earthworm Ecostore, Porvorim. Before I tell you what happened there, let me apologise for the delay in posting this report. You see, we have been having power outages for the last couple of days and it made me realise just how important electricity is for communication. So an appeal- please try to SAVE as much as you can. The cake in the electric oven was miraculously saved though (Aaron's bday cake) and he had a gr8 party.
Coming back to the book reading - the ambience of the Ecostore lent a quaint charm to the whole fun experience. Katie used hand puppets to catch the children's attention right at the onset, what we teachers call set induction? The stories are very funny; the three readers did full justice and got the kids rolling with laughter at hearing how the young fledgings throw their poop out of the nest, etc.
We had to leave early as we had another programme to attend so we missed the end. But as I wandered around the store, I got wonderful eco-friendly ideas from the items displayed, like an earthenware composter, a bird-house made from waste wood, elephant poop toilet paper, etc. The owner is so committed to the cause that even her home is created with environment-friendly ideas. And to top it all, she served the kids coconut water instead of harmful Pepsi or Cola. All in all, an awesome experience. Thanks Roopa for organsing a cool event and looking forward to more interaction with your work.

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