Wednesday, November 23, 2011

TREK TO VALPOI- report by Homeschooler Avinash Almeida

On 20th November we went for a trek organized by ECO treks. The pick up was only from Panjim and Mapusa. It was too far for us. We went to stay at our cousin’s house, and he too joined us for the trek.

On Sunday we woke up at 5:15am to go for 6oclock mass. After mass we went home, picked our bags and rushed to the meeting spot. The bus came at 7:30am. The journey was very pleasant, thorough just harvested fields and over grown jungle

We reached Valpoi at around 9:15am. Had breakfast, but we didn’t eat much because we already had eaten at home.

We started our trek in right earnest. Trek was through a dense forest. There was no path, so we had to keep in sight of the person in front of you. It was nice and cool. The trek was uphill and when we reached on top, we climbed a rock, from where we could see Western Ghats speared out in front of us. Too soon it was time to climb down because 5 people, could, occupy the rock at a time. We went a different way which led us to a stream. Some people went to have a dip in the pool, while some people just sat back and watched as an entertaining show.

After some time the whistle was blown for everybody to trek back to the village at 2:45pm. Gave us good vegetarian lunch. We played ‘catching cook’ and then we went home.

We enjoyed the trek. Especially because our cousin was with us. We didn’t see any wild animals except for one snake and a scorpion. It was nice being in the jungle and forgetting all the noise in the city.

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