Sunday, November 13, 2011

WOW! What a day it was. Glenn & I got up really early to complete the cooking for the luncheon. Two families couldn't make it so we cooked less. And everything was enough (Sigh of relief). We left at 2 pm for Be-Attitudes, Porvorim,where we had our meeting.
After that, the kids had a treasure hunt and then they had to enact a short skit based on the story that the treasure hunt revealed to them in the form of 7 clues. Gr8 work Nadisha!(Pat on back).
In the meantime,the parents were given a talk no the Meaning of the MASS by Valentine Coelho.
After the kids had enacted their skits amidst peals of laughter at some funny costumes, Nadsiha enthralled us all with her puppetry skills. Amazing, NADISHA, simply amazing. (Another pat on back)
Then the kids got to flex their muscles to try and break a sealed box of chocolates, with a cricket bat!! Who says Homeschool kids miss out on sports? :)
All in all, a delightful evening and we are looking forward to the next one which by God's grace will be on New Year's Day.

This is Auriel Ribeiro Sa signing off from Goa Can Homeschool.

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