Saturday, December 17, 2011

Field Trip – Creative Nativity Crib and Star-Making Competition

December 16th dawned with us not sure if we were going to make it to Old Goa for the competition since Glenn feared we would get stuck in traffic because of the meeting to protest the RP 2012. So it was at noon that we decided to take our chances and go.

I had to record two talks at AIR so we went there first. Having done with that, we picked up Kirsten’s guitar from Pedro’s and in Dhoom-style we sped along to Old Goa, capturing the scenic beauty of the villages on handycam. By 6pm, we finally reached the Museum of Christian Art, Old Goa for the competition.

The programme was already underway when we arrived. There was a group of carolers serenading a small crowd gathered in the garden adjacent to the Museum where the stars and cribs were displayed. Tempting Xmas treats were served to the children; we too took a bite of the crisp neuris and soft delicious fruit cake.

The nuns put up a thought-provoking play adapted from the one published in the Xmas issue of RAYS – the diocesan magazine, which gave us the eco-friendly message not to cut down trees.

I was quite disappointed to see just three entries for the star; the crib had only three entries as well. Two of the cribs used plastic bottles and waste paper (see pictures), a concept I had been planning for our crib at home so I was delighted to see these and got good ideas from them. One of the nativity models, done by Jose and team from Candolim, had moving parts (three kings and star). The residents of the old-age home nearby did one of the eco-friendly cribs and they were all there to collect their prize!

The stars were made from bamboo, coconut palm strands and plastic straws. one was designed to look like Santa Claus.

It was all over sooner than we would have liked it to. While leaving, each one was presented with a season’s greetings card from the Museum by one of its guard. We returned home by 8pm after a short detour to a friend’s place to pick up some clothes for Aaron and books for our homeschool library.

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