Monday, January 2, 2012


We are almost at the end of a wonderful Catholic season of ACE (Advent-Christmas-Epiphany)which began on 27th Nov and ends on 6th Jan.
This year we managed to go to three crosses on three Sundays of Advent,and lit a candle there to pray for ourselves and Christians all over the world to celebrate Christmas meaningfully.In our home, we made a wreath and lit the candle during Rosary time.
Homeschool got a vacation from Dec 20-Jan 6. We began prep for the crib and sweets. This time we made a crib with waste material. (See the pic above). We made marzipan, milk toffee and chocolate, besides the traditional coconut cake-BAATH.
On Christmas day, after the church service, the children spent the morning distributing sweets, then we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jesus before sitting down Indian style to have lunch together as a family.
We began our twelve days of Christmas visiting relatives and friends. On 30th, we took a break to go for FAMILY DAY in the parish and again on NEW YEAR DAY to be with the prolife and homeschool groups for MASS and MEETING.
NOW we are preparing for Epiphany, getting the wise men ready(made from discarded plastic bottles). I plan a cake in the shape of a star, some marzipan and milk toffee besides cocoa. We will enact the story of the MAGI with costumes and take the kings to the crib. That night the star will shine for the last time.

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